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Formed in 2019 by Adilson De Oliveira (b.1998) and Mzoxolo Mayongo (b.1986), The Magolide Collective is concerned with transmuting a barrage of collected reference material – historical narratives, cultural events, and academic texts – into visual renderings that incorporate performance, digital and video media, and more traditional disciplines like printmaking and painting.

These notions are creatively practiced and accomplished through the use of a decolonial lens and performative satire to provoke and challenge the power structures and relationships of master narratives. Dismantling western frameworks inherent in both global history (and art history) and offering institutional critique therein—presenting investigations that critique the erasure and counterfactual depictions of a true African body and history.

As a result, they attempt to rewrite the narrative of the African body (continent) and other marginalized bodies in knowledge production while addressing contemporary issues such as identity, race, sexuality, socio-cultural-economics, politics, and power structures.


The duo names this act “visual alchemy”, a notion related to their moniker: “Magolide” is a Xhosa term for one who possesses or personifies gold and also references the socio-political histories of Johannesburg, a city literally built on gold – and on the labour of black migrant workers. Magolide Collective aspires to develop new modalities of knowledge dissemination, the Afro-future Centric Imagination- crossing the bridge between the past and the future, as a function of their allegorical visual practice and cultural work being mediated through new-age technological mediums across broad creative landscapes.

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