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Mzoxolo 'X' Mayongo


Born in Cape Town and now based in Johannesburg, is a multi-disciplinary  conceptual artist and activist. He is a strong believer in the power and agency of the arts in playing a big role in public dialogue and commentary on important social issues. His work is centered on performativity, extracting information from research material, archives, and memory to engage with the modern zeitgeist. He creates alternative narratives through representation of self in African identities, histories, and cultural landscapes. Since he employs the body as a tool concepts can be communicated, through performance art residue, other mediums such as video art, photography and prints become reference material. 
He is a recipient of Design Indaba Emerging Creatives class of 2019 and the Mail and Guardian 200 Young South Africans in 2019.

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Adilson De Oliveira


Born in Bez Valley, Johannesburg. An emerging multi-disciplinary artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand. De Oliveira is fixated on dismantling the notions of the master narrative which exist in ‘Western Art’ history. His practice does this through the use of pop culture characters he employs throughout his practice. The conception of the ‘Colonial Bart’- or just the use of the Bart Simpson mask – is a motif most common throughout his practice. This comes from an inherent resentment he harbours towards a majority of white, post-apartheid South African artists - who used the language and guise of resistance art to position and assert their ‘value’ both conceptually, technically and as a by-product, monetarily in the cannon of South African Art History. His practice is centred through the medium of performance, video and printmaking.   

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