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Acts of Revolutionary (Politics) Love, Wheat-Pasted drawings on Cartridge Paper. 2022  (Duration: 03 min 58 sec). 

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 15.49.31.png

Over the end of 2022, we as a collective began on a series of A4 pen drawings recording cultural workers dear to our collective practice. Drawings which eventually found themselves into a project that has grown multiple legs, and running on its own in ways we had never imagined when we first put pen to paper.


‘Acts of revolutionary (politics) love’, is a street-art project which started out in Johannesburg, South Africa - and over the last few months of 2022 has expanded across France, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, New York, and Mozambique. Aimed at decoding often inaccessible, and painfully academized decolonial language, forms, and contextualisations, this project aim’s to bring important notions of decoloniality to the streets, the people, and most considerably, a step away from the white-cube spaces, tertiary institutions, and museum spaces: where, we feel, good art and discourse go to die. This work becomes a reflection on the current failed state we occupy, and the negotiations still occurring between past political promises, and their failure to materialize in our current zeitgeists.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without Hafiza Asmal, Nina Jacobson, Ciaran Quinn, Brogan Herron & Robert Lloyd.


This body of work is currently being rotated at the, 'Valais School of Art'. Over the course of the following months, the entire series will be rotated to exhibit majority of the posters produced so far for this project.

The posters are free for the audience to take, so long as those who take it promise to disseminate it and record the evidence. This is up to interpretation from the audience, and we intend for this to allow the project to grow further. 


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